Welcome to Gourmand4life!

 Where to start!? My wife & I are both formally trained chefs who have worked in restaurants in several locales on the east coast of the US. Amy graduated from Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI (where we currently live) and I went to Florida International University in Miami FL. Oddly enough, we have both also “moved on” to other occupations that don’t require one to be at work on weekends and holidays! We value our free time too much! However…

 We both still love to cook, love to eat, love craft beer, love wine, love spending time with friends, and love to travel to enjoy all the above. Our travels tend to be organized around food & beverage to one degree or the other and when we can’t afford to travel we make sure to explore our local area to find those hidden gems that are out there waiting to be discovered.

 I suppose this blog will be a little bit of everything but I suspect, like everything else we do, it will be focused more on food & drinks that anything else. This brings us to the title, Gourmand4life.  A gourmand is “a person who enjoys and appreciates fine food” (we’ll disregard the implication of gluttony the word also carries, though sadly that too often applies as well!). Amy & I are definitely life long lovers of food & drink, but I also like the other meaning the name implies in that what we enjoy about food is all that it brings to mind: family, friends, good times, and good company. In that sense, we are just two people that completely enjoy life and all the adventures it offers!

 I hope you enjoy Gourmand4life, and please feel free to share any recipes, restaurants, or any other “must-see” spots that you may have come across in your daily adventures!

 All the best,

Amy & Mike