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Location: Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Hour: 10:00 am-ish?

Mission: see some seals!

So we were heading to a small rock outcropping where seals are known to congregate in large numbers at low tide. It was a beautiful and sunny ride through the small channels and rocky islands of coastal Maine on a small inflatable dinghy. With my hand dragging in the cold Maine waters we meandered past rustic seaside cabins, large summer homes, a small horse farm, and boats of all shape, size, and utility.

As we approached the rocks anticipation was high…until we realized it was no longer low tide!! No seals to be found sunning on the rocks. Fortunately, we did see a few poking their heads out of the water and that was sufficiently exciting. In truth, the ride there was always going to be the highlight anyway.

Once our destination was reached thoughts turned to food. It was nearing 11:00am and since we skipped breakfast we were all quite hungry. This proved fortuitous as our hosts Tom & Cheryl knew of a small place nearby.

Once set in motion, the dinghy continued its slow journey and about 15 minutes later we approached the Trevett Country Store. The store is on the edge of the water (literally!), and sits next to a very peaceful, small channel of water crossed by the last manual swing bridge in the country

YouTube video: Trevett Swing Bridge (it starts slow, but stick with it)

We tied up at the dock of the lobster co-op behind the store, and walked into a text book small New England general store/grocery. You could buy beer, Dinty Moore Beef Stew (as well as Dinty Moore Chicken Stew….didn’t even know that existed!), live lobsters, etc. A little bit of everything. However, our attention turned to the back of the store as this is where the real magic happens.

There is a small kitchen area with a menu board posted above it. When we walked in it was 10 minutes until opening and the person at the counter was pulling apart fresh lobster meat. I was excited!! What we finally got was hands down the best lobster roll I’ve ever had. It was a huge mound of fresh lobster meat in a toasted New England hot dog roll resting on a small amount of lettuce. There was a trace amount of mayo, but only enough to allow the small pieces of leg meat to cling to the larger chunks. Absolutely sublime.

The Lobster Roll was perfect, but the fries were also very good, and the burger looked awesome as well. Since Tom didn’t offer me a taste I have to assume it was as good as he said it was.

The Trevett Country Store has it all…New England charm, a unique swing bridge out front and picnic tables overlooking a peaceful, slow moving waterway. The perfect setting for the perfect Maine Lobster Roll, and a great way to spend a sunny summer afternoon with friends.

So, the bride & I finally got up to Boothbay this year! We have friends that keep a 38’ sailboat at Brown’s Wharf, and we like to get up to see them a few times per summer. This year has been tough though, and we haven’t been able to get up there…until last weekend that is! And what a great weekend to be in Maine! It was hot & sunny all weekend long, and a good breeze for sailing!

We had an awesome day sailing on Saturday, and we were out while the “tall ships” were racing. I’m still not 100% sure how a sailboat race works, but it is very cool to watch nonetheless. My favorite was the ship (boat?) of an executive from Campbell’s Soup…see if you can guess which was his….


There are several places in the Boothbay region that are WELL worth checking out. In fact, I’ll start with a place that you will actually pass by en route to Boothbay. The Lion’s Pride Pub (http://lionspridepub.com/).

The Lion’s Pride is the sister pub of Ebenezer’s Pub in Lovell Maine.  Ebenezer’s is often ranked as the best beer bar in the world (yes…world, not just U.S http://www.ratebeer.com/places/top-rated/) and for good reason. Chris Lively is a publican of the highest order and through connections in Belgium and elsewhere has access to some of the rarest and most sought after beers in the world. You never know what you will find on a trip to Ebenezer’s, but what you DO know is that it will be awesome. With the Lion’s Pride, Chris has taken the same guiding principles at Eb’s and brought them to the populated part of Maine!

Above & beyond the world-class beers though, service is what sets both of these places apart from every other beer bar you’ve been to. Chris’ staff is passionate about beer and they clearly enjoy passing that excitement on to the customers.

So, back to the trip…on the way to Boothbay Harbor we passed right by Lion’s Pride and had to stop. I started with a La Torpille from BFM which is unquestionably one of my favorite breweries. Afterward I ordered a Wild Pannepot, and Amy had a Petrus Aged Pale. They were all awesome! If you are anywhere near Brunswick Maine I highly recommend heading to the Lion’s Pride for a beer or two.

Once in Boothbay Harbor proper there are a few local favorites we get to each time. McSeagulls & Dunton’s Dog house! And thanks to Tom & Cheryl, on this trip we were also introduced to the quintessential Maine Lobster Roll!

But I’ll start with Dinner. Dinner is usually at McSeagulls (http://www.mcseagullsonline.com/enter/) where the Lobster & Chicken Bomb is the de facto order. A large chicken breast is pounded thin, and then stuffed with lobster meat and feta cheese. The bomb is then rolled into a ball, breaded then deep fried and served with huge chunks of lobster meat and an Alfredo sauce. Low fat? No!! Delicious? YES!

Sadly, every trip to Boothbay must come to an end…and on the way out of town is Dunton’s Doghouse. One of the better hot dogs you will ever find!

When you order your dog a few things happen. First, they take it out of the cooler! All dogs cooked to order! Once it’s placed on the griddle they dab a healthy portion of butter on top (no better way to start the cooking process!). Then, when the dog is nearly ready to be served they dab yet more butter on the classic New England hot dog bun (no crust on the sides) and place it on the grill next to the dog. When it all comes together you have the perfect dog. Buttery grilled roll and perfectly browned dog!

Now that I think about it, the Lobster Roll place was so awesome it deserves its own post….so that’s up next.