Amy & I spend an inordinate amount of time on beer & food related travel. By way of example, we were driving down to North Carolina to visit my sister a few years ago. We couldn’t find any flights less than $600.  so we decided to drive (~ 13 hrs as I recall).

Much of our pre-travel planning was time spent researching potential Road Food stops ( then tailoring a route to maximize the deliciousness of the trip. Mission accomplished! 5 hours into the trip we had already been to 4 outstanding New Jersey hot dog joints, including stops to compare and contrast two versions of the glorious Newark style hot dog.

By the way, I would NOT recommend beginning a long road trip by over eating delicious hot dogs and fried potatoes…but I digress….

The point is, we go out of our way to find really good food & beer! And this weekend is no exception. We are headed to Ebenezer’s Pub in Lovell Maine for their Belgian Beer Festival! While Lovell is almost literally in the middle of nowhere, for Belgian beer lovers it is a true Mecca! .

For for information on Ebenezer’s, check out their website @ or the outstanding site for everything craft beer, Beer Advocate (

We’re heading up Thursday afternoon then camping out at Ebenezer’s on Friday & Saturday night for the festival. Here is a partial list of the unbelievable beers that will be available:

De Struise Black Albert
DeStruise Black Albert Batch0
DeStruise Batch 0 Black Albert Barrel Aged
DeStruise Pannepot 2009
Black Damnation 2
Dirty Horse
Pannepot Reserva
Red Hair Jeanne
Wild Pannepot
Earthmonk ( A special trial blend with Extra Cherries and aged in several barrels)
Cantillon Vigeronne
Cantillon Iris 2009
Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 2005
Cantillon Framboisem 2006
Cantillon Cuvee De Champions
Cantillion Rose De Grambinus
Cantillon Gueuze
J and J IV Saison
Alvinne: Melchoir, Xtra, Podge, and Gaspar
De Dolle Mad Bitch 2009
De Dolle Stille Nacht 2009
Oude Beersel Framboise
Kasteel Cuvee de Chateau

In addition, beer geeks from far flung locales flock to the campsite to share their rare beer finds, and/or trade beers. I’ll be bringing the last of the Westvleterens I’ve been saving for a special occasion (2 Green caps…hopefully they held up! We drank the 8 & the 12 a few years back!).

We’ll see what happens…I can’t wait.